J Cancer 2012; 3:246-256. doi:10.7150/jca.3042 This volume

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Incidence of Malignancy after Living Kidney Transplantation: A Multicenter Study from Iran

Behzad Einollahi1, Zohreh Rostami1✉, Mohammad Hossein Nourbala1, Mahboob Lessan-Pezeshki2, Naser Simforoosh3, Eghlim Nemati1, Vahid Pourfarziani1, Fatemeh Beiraghdar1, Mohsen Nafar3, Fatemeh Pour-Reza-Gholi3, Mitra Mahdavi Mazdeh2, Manochehr Amini2, Pedram Ahmadpour3, Khadijeh Makhdoomi4, Ali Ghafari4, Mohammad Reza Ardalan5, Hamid Taebi Khosroshahi5, Farshid Oliaei6, Shahrzad Shahidi7, Shahin Abbaszadeh1, Mohammad Reza Fatahi1, Fatemeh Hiedari1, Atehieh Makhlogh8, Jalal Azmandian9, Hamid Reza Samimagham10, Heshmatollah Shahbazian11, Fatemeh Nazemian12, Massih Naghibi12, Masoud Khosravi13, Ali Monfared13, Seyed Majid Mosavi14, Javad Ahmadi15, Mojgan Jalalzadeh16

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Einollahi B, Rostami Z, Nourbala MH, Lessan-Pezeshki M, Simforoosh N, Nemati E, Pourfarziani V, Beiraghdar F, Nafar M, Pour-Reza-Gholi F, Mazdeh MM, Amini M, Ahmadpour P, Makhdoomi K, Ghafari A, Ardalan MR, Khosroshahi HT, Oliaei F, Shahidi S, Abbaszadeh S, Fatahi MR, Hiedari F, Makhlogh A, Azmandian J, Samimagham HR, Shahbazian H, Nazemian F, Naghibi M, Khosravi M, Monfared A, Mosavi SM, Ahmadi J, Jalalzadeh M. Incidence of Malignancy after Living Kidney Transplantation: A Multicenter Study from Iran. J Cancer 2012; 3:246-256. doi:10.7150/jca.3042. Available from https://www.jcancer.org/v03p0246.htm

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Malignancy is a common complication after renal transplantation. However, limited data are available on post-transplant malignancy in living kidney transplantation. Therefore, we made a plan to evaluate the incidence and types of malignancies, association with the main risk factors and patient survival in a large population of living kidney transplantation. We conducted a large retrospective multicenter study on 12525 renal recipients, accounting for up to 59% of all kidney transplantation in Iran during 22 years follow up period. All information was collected from observation of individual notes or computerized records for transplant patients. Two hundred and sixty-six biopsy-proven malignancies were collected from 16 Transplant Centers in Iran; 26 different type of malignancy categorized in 5 groups were detected. The mean age of patients was 46.2±12.9 years, mean age at tumor diagnosis was 50.8±13.2 years and average time between transplantation and detection of malignancy was 50.0±48.4 months. Overall tumor incidence in recipients was 2%. Kaposis' sarcoma was the most common type of tumor. The overall mean survival time was 117.1 months (95% CI: 104.9-129.3). In multivariate analysis, the only independent risk factor associated with mortality was type of malignancy. This study revealed the lowest malignancy incidence in living unrelated kidney transplantation.

Keywords: malignancy, kidney transplantation, incidence.